April 5/April 6

Dear Diary,

I’m sorry I didn’t write yesterday. I was rearranging the house to make room for things that I haven’t been able to move in since we got here. My mother will be pleased to have the space back in her house. I have so many ideas for what to do with our space, but I keep reminding myself to wait until everything is here before trying to decide where everything should go. It’s a bit exciting and also terrifying. I know I can make it work. I know I can get us through this. It just seems like so much sometimes. I’m trying to ride out the positive feelings like excitement and not give in to the rest.

I’m trying to get at least one load of stuff from my mom’s today. There will be a truck available to assist with getting more tomorrow, but I really feel the need to do something productive at this point that moves our space forward. I’d also like to just make the space feel a little more complete and less in limbo. Certainly, I’d like to make use of the time that the kids aren’t here to my advantage. I should also catch up on school work… Geez. I have some stuff to get done, Diary. It’s a whole new life. I guess I’d better get to it.

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