April 7

Dear Diary,

I’ve been largely unproductive today. We were supposed to get some horrific weather that hasn’t yet arrived. I have a show picked out to marathon tonight while I work on some school work. I have enjoyed socializing with my neighbors and spending some time outside. The house is coming together bit by bit, day by day. I’m stressed and trying not to stagnate. I definitely need to shower and stuff tonight. I think that will go a long way in helping me.

It’s been a good day overall, but I’m looking forward to the solitude tonight. I think tomorrow I may break out my journals and planner and start getting a more precise plan together. I do feel better now that the house is more of a home. I miss my kids so much though.

A friend who got caught in the isolation crossfire that I’ve been starting to make contact with reached out to me yesterday. It was nice feeling reassured that I wasn’t wrong that she would have been there if I’d said something. That’s the trick of it though. The first people that get the ax are the ones who will speak up.

I’m just rambling at this point, Diary. I don’t know what ok looks like anymore, but this is better than it was. As long as that continues, I think I’m at least working toward ok.

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