April 25

Dear Diary,

I’ve been looking for this poem I wrote for a few weeks now. One of the images on my tarot cards reminded me that it even existed. I’d forgotten how it ended. I just had the first two lines stuck in my head. I’m so glad I found it because I can see now that I needed to see the whole message. It is time to breathe again.

I lie in a bed of roses,
Twisted by its thorns,
Everything inside of me,
A silent aching storm.

I fell into its beauty,
Soft petals perfectly placed,
I didn’t see beneath,
The anxious teeth that wait.

They find my skin so quickly,
I can do nothing to react,
This time I am the offering,
I know it to be fact.

I twist and dig in deeper,
Pain pouring from my flesh,
Crimson stains relieve me,
Bringing on sweet death.

I welcome it completely,
This sacrificial end,
This version is expired now,
It’s time to breathe again.

A Low Life

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