May 31 – June 1

Dear Diary,

I pulled a rabbit out of a hat. I had a lot of help. This was not a solo victory. My village really came through. I have until the 15th to get June together. Next mission: Get the power back on. I can’t believe this is my life right now. It’s really sad to me how bad I let it get. It becomes more clear daily. I worked at the bar tonight (and got to keep my money!). It was fun. I’m enjoying the regulars so far though I’ve only been there three times now. (Fun fact about service industry jobs: They sometimes include a training period that basically means you’re not making money. You usually don’t get tips at all during this period. Additional fun fact: It’s super uncool when you know what you’re doing but also necessary to verify that you do. I respect it, but it’s annoying.) Thankfully, my trial period is coming to a close because I’m not an idiot and I’ve done this before. Also, I have standards. I made decent money, and I’m on the schedule next week for three night shifts. There’s an event planned for one of them. I’m happy about this place. I hope it works out. They seem to like me, and I like it so far. Plus, the money’s been pretty decent so far. I wasn’t even supposed to work tonight. They called me in to cover. I also met with a lady about cleaning her house. I got that job as well. Things are starting to turn around. I hope this continues.

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